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Use Aatlas to document your memories, reflections, and life events, and preserve them for friends, family, and your own enjoyment.

Create the story of
a loved one

Aatlas makes it easy to document the life story of a loved one (mother, father, grandparent, mentor, etc.) by gathering photos, stories and memories from the family and friends that know them best.

Record the life of a
loved one you’ve lost

Invite contributions directly or via social media, and collect the treasured memories, photos and recollections of a loved one who is no longer with us to share with future generations.

Create a Rich, Interactive Timeline

That helps you organize life events and memories by age/year and chapter.

See Where Life Happened

Document where a person has lived, and all the places they’ve traveled to, both near and far.

Put Personality in a Bottle

Aatlas includes a library of  prompts to help collect a person’s values, opinions, hobbies, sense of humor – all the things that make a person unique.

Collaborate with Friends and Family

Aatlas lets you easily invite family, friends, and co-workers to share their memories of the hero.

See what you can make with Aatlas:

Click on the links below to see examples of what you can create with an Aatlas account — each with an interactive timeline, map of places, and memories.

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What Aatlas users have to say

Mum loved being asked to share her stories with me and I’m so glad we started. Aatlas will be amazing for my kids when they grow up and I’ve already started my own story too.

Brandon T.

I gifted Aatlas to my Dad last Christmas and it has been a wonderful adventure. I am learning so much about him as he records his stories, all in his own words. Priceless.

Greg W.

My sister gave me Aatlas for my 30th birthday. The questions made me think of childhood memories that I had forgotten. I can't wait to look back on my life story when I'm older.

Anastasia K.

We Believe

Legacy is not just for the famous.

We believe each and every person is a hero in their own way. And that each life on this planet has a real, tangible value to family, friends, and society that is worth recording for the benefit of future generations. That is why we exist.

A life story is best told by those around us.

Nobody knows you like those you spend time with.  Aatlas helps you gather all the rich stories, photos and memories from a persons’ community (friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances) as well as the person themselves.

No selling your data for money.

We want Aatlas to be a safe place to share your memories, thoughts and reflections, without fear that this information will be shared or sold for profit.  That is why we ask for your subscription fees to support the platform.  We could have built a free platform supported by advertising and selling data, but that approach does not reflect our values, nor protect the privacy of yourself, your family and community.

You should control your story.

The Aatlas account owner has complete control over what is visible to contributors and the public.  Account owners are immediately notified of all new contributions, and if Uncle Markus submits something inappropriate, you can instantly delete it, and/or block them from the Aatlas.  You are in control.

Our pricing is clear and simple

Invite an unlimited number of contributors, add an unlimited number of memories and places – everything is included for all of your Aatlases.


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Make someone you love feel loved today.


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Coming soon: Aatlas Lifebooks

Print all the great memories, stories and photos you’ve collected in a full-color hardcover book. Includes all memories from the timeline, the hero’s unique map and places, and answers to prompts.

Common Questions:

What's an Aatlas?

An Aatlas is the digital artifact that you create when you use the Aatlas product! It is made up of the content you add, like photos videos, and stories, and we structure that content for you so it's explorable on both an interactive timeline and a map.

What happens if I stop paying?

If you cancel your subscription, you and anyone else with access can still view any Aatlas you've created—you just can't add new content or make any edits or comments. You can restart you subscription and pick up where you've left off at any time!

How many Aatlases can I make?

During your free trial, you can make one Aatlas for free. After the trial is over the base cost for one Aatlas is as listed above. You can always create additional Aatlases for an additional fee, even before the trial is over. And remember, you can collaborate with others for free and collaborators can work with you for free as well.

Do the people I invite have to pay, too?

The people you invite to collaborate with you don't have to pay! It's free for anyone to contribute to an Aatlas account, and they can contribute as many photos, written stories, and memories as they'd like.  Invite as many contributors as you want at no additional cost to you (or any cost at all for them)!

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