Aatlas makes a great gift

Aatlas does the hard work for you

We arrange events in time.
Every memory added to an Aatlas with a date is automatically organized on the hero's timeline, which starts at birth and goes to the present day.

We put memories on the map.
Memories tagged with a location show up on a personalized map, so you can see where a person lived, worked and traveled.

A fun project that brings people together

We minimize work for the hero.
Unlike book projects which put the burden on one person, Aatlas gathers photos, stories and memories from as many people as you like.

We connect friends and family.
‍It's 100% free for them. This means less work for the hero, and more stories and photos to enjoy.

A lasting result you can share for generations to come.

Create a rich scrapbook of life, with photos, videos and audio files. Aatlas supports a broad range of multimedia files - just drag and drop to upload and add.

Make someone you love feel loved today.


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Coming soon: Aatlas Lifebooks

Print all the great memories, stories and photos you’ve collected in a full-color hardcover book. Includes all memories from the timeline, the hero’s unique map and places, and answers to prompts.

What Aatlas users have to say

Mum loved being asked to share her stories with me and I’m so glad we started. Aatlas will be amazing for my kids when they grow up and I can share her story with them.

Brandon T.

I gifted Aatlas to my Dad last Christmas and it has been a wonderful adventure. I am learning so much about him as he records his stories, all in his own words. Priceless.

Greg W.

My sister gave me Aatlas for my birthday. The questions made me think of childhood memories that I had forgotten. I can't wait to look back on my life story when I'm older.

Anastasia K.